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Why Does Hillam Orthodontics Take So Many Records?

In orthodontics, it's always good to be patient and to take as many records as we can to base decisions on. In orthodontics, nothing moves fast, so we'll need to be patient. If we're unsure about treatment, it never hurts to wait and see how the mouth naturally develops. If you have any questions about your treatment or possibly want to begin orthodontic treatment, give us a call today!

A Typical Teenager

Have you wondered what Hillam Orthodontics is all about? A "typical teenager" will walk you through the process at Hillam Orthodontics and what makes this office stand out from other clinics.

3 Generations of Orthodontists

Hillam Orthodontics was founded by Dr. Rodney Hillam's father decades ago. With Dr. Rodney's experience from both time in dental school, his residencies, and with his father, Hillam Orthodontics' experience and research spans decades. Dr. Wade and Dr. Jordan have also learned much from their schooling, residencies, and their father as well.

About Hillam Orthodontics

Meet the doctors from Hillam Orthodontics! Hillam Orthodontics is a family-owned practice spanning three generations, Dr. Rodney's father started the practice, and now Dr. Rodney, Dr. Wade, and Dr. Jordan run the practice today. Dr. Jordan Hillam, Dr. Wade Hillam, and Dr. Rodney Hillam are on your team to create and fulfill the best treatment plan, whether that leads you to braces, retainers, expanders, and more. Give the clinic a call today to start your life-changing treatment.

What’s a “Board Certified” Orthodontist?

There are very few board-certified orthodontists in the state of Idaho. Luckily, at Hillam Orthodontics, all of the orthodontists are board-certified. Board certification is obtainable after an orthodontist receives their license, then completes a written exam, clinical exam, peer review, and then renews this process every ten years. Because of their board certification and experience, at Hillam Orthodontics, the orthodontists offer the highest level of care possible.

How Long Will I Have Braces?

Have you ever wondered how long you will have braces or how long your orthodontic treatment will take? Dr. Wade Hillam from Hillam Orthodontics tackles this question in this short video.

If I Have Missing Teeth, Can I Still Get Braces?

If you're missing teeth and curious if you could still get braces, we have some good news for you: You can! Dr. Wade Hillam from Hillam Orthodontics explains how the process and what to expect.

How We Create a Treatment Plan

When you come in for your free 60-minute consultation at Hillam Orthodontics, we'll present you a treatment plan. This treatment plan may take a several months to a few years to complete, but you'll know what types of orthodontic treatment to look forward to. Here's a quick video on how we select treatments for patients.

Do I Need Braces?

To truly determine whether or not you or your child needs braces, we'll need to gather all the information we can first. By scheduling your free 60-minute consultation, we can take the needed x-rays and examinations to evaluate the need for braces. We've even had some patients that we've followed for years that have never needed braces; so it really is on a case-by-case basis. Schedule an appointment today to see if you or your child needs future orthodontic care!

What Foods Should I Avoid With Braces?

If you break brackets off, you could be in braces for longer than planned. To prevent breaking off brackets, you'll need to avoid foods that are hard and sticky. Don't worry, there's still plenty of food that you can eat. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Should I Get A Second Opinion on My Orthodontic Treatment?

If you're looking for a second opinion, Hillam Orthodontics is a great place to start. Dr. Wade, Dr. Jordan, and Dr. Rodney take a lot of records to determine the best time for braces. They even x-ray the hand to determine where the patient is at within their growth. Schedule a free 60-minute consultation today if you're curious in getting a second opinion.

Am I Too Old for Braces?

You're never too old to get the perfect smile you've always deserved. At Hillam Orthodontics, we've helped children, teenagers, and adults achieve the smile of their dreams.

Tenley’s Testimonial

Before Tenley had started orthodontic treatment, she was terrified! She had heard that braces were "the worst" or "so painful." When she arrived at Hillam Orthodontics, she realized that the staff and team were so kind to her and supportive.

Ryker’s Testimonial

Ryker was "really nervous" for his first orthodontic appointment, but as he explained that his teeth were "really crooked," he was ready to make the change. He was sure braces were going to be a hard experience, but instead, he was embraced by the staff's kindness.

Allie’s Testimonial

Allie recommends heading to Hillam Orthodontics for treatment because the staff and doctors are so nice and they do a great job all at the same time. If you're looking for orthodontic treatment in the Idaho Falls area, be sure to drop into Hillam Orthodontics!

Tiffany’s Testimonial

Tiffany wanted braces for her entire life, so when she arrived to Hillam Orthodontics, she felt like she had completed a lifetime goal. She loves how personable and knowledgeable the orthodontists are. Tiffany says it feels like "visiting family" when she arrives for each appointment.

Daren’s Testimonial

Daren highly recommends Hillam Orthodontics due to the friendly atmosphere and quality of work. His wife at the time he was looking for orthodontic treatment was a clinic director for a dental clinic in Idaho Falls and her first choice and recommendation was Hillam Orthodontics.

Brecker’s Testimonial

Brecker was nervous about starting orthodontic treatment, but Hillam Orthodontics made the experience great. He loved he Hillam's energy and enjoyed his time with the rest of the staff.

Kallie’s Testimonial

Kallie was told she needed to have an expensive jaw surgery to correct a bite problem that developed as an adult. Instead, she went to Hillam Orthodontics for a second opinion. Hillam Orthodontics was able to correct her bite problem through braces, saving her money, time, and from the pain the jaw surgery would have inflicted.


Why Hillam Orthodontics?

Board-certified Orthodontists
Offices in Idaho Falls, Driggs, & Afton
3 generations of doctors practicing since 1966

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