Debunked Myths About Braces

Many people hold off on orthodontic treatment because they’re concerned about what they’ve heard. Luckily, many of the negative connotations around braces and orthodontic treatment are myths! Here are a few of the more common myths about braces broken down and debunked.

Myth: Braces are Just for Children

Let’s get this one out of the way first--you’re never too old for braces! While teeth may settle and success rates go slightly down as facial and jawbones mature, teeth can still move. Come on in to Hillam Orthodontics for a free consultation and let's see what treatment plan we can put together for you. It’s never too late!

Myth: Braces Will Keep My Teeth Straight Forever

Just as braces move teeth into place, teeth can move again without braces. This is why retainers are so important! At Hillam Orthodontics, we generally like bonded retainers on your upper and lower teeth. There are many types of retainers and we always talk about which ones would be best for you!

Myth: Braces are Painful

Braces move teeth by applying pressure, but “painful” may not be the word to describe that sensation. Your teeth and gums will be sore after the orthodontist places your braces. They'll also be sensitive after each tightening visit, but this discomfort is temporary. It typically will subside over a day or two. Take over-the-counter pain medication before your appointment to help with the pressure afterward. If needed, stick to soft foods for a few days to help.

Myth: You Can’t Play Sports With Braces

Don’t hang up your athletic clothes because of your orthodontic treatment! You can still play sports with braces. If you play contact sports, you’ll need a mouthguard. Special uni-fit mouthguards fit well over braces and offer protection as your teeth move throughout treatment. If you’re a martial artist, you can buy protective gear that surrounds your face with tough see-through plastic. Add a little anti-fog spray to the plastic and you’re ready for the tournament! Braces won't get in the way of your hobbies.

Myth: You Can’t Play Instruments With Braces

If you’re a woodwind or horn player, you might be concerned that braces will mess up your embrochure. It might be difficult at first to achieve the tone and pitch you’re used to, but with practice, you’ll find that sweet sound once again.

Myth: Braces Require a Diet Change

You won’t need to change your diet dramatically during your treatment plan. Tough pizza crusts, pretzels, nuts, and hard candies can wreck your brackets and wires, but it doesn't mean you'll need to completely change your diet. Enjoy more ice cream, soft-crusted pizza like Neopolitan-styled pizza, and smoothies during your treatment. It’s like a vacation!

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