Impacted Teeth

What Are Impacted Teeth?

Teeth erupt into the mouth when they’re developed and there is room. Most adult teeth push out the baby tooth’s roots and then take their place. On rare occasions, the tooth cannot come in completely due to lack of space; this is called an impacted tooth.

Due to the lack of space around them, impacted teeth can stay inside the gums and never emerge. Other types of impacted teeth will erupt from the gums, but due to lack of space, do not erupt completely. This makes these teeth especially vulnerable to cavities and gum disease because they are hard to clean.

What Should I Do About My Impacted Teeth?

To create space for that tooth to erupt completely and be easier to clean, orthodontics is your best route. At Hillam Orthodontics, we will create a plan based on your exams and films to best prepare a place for your impacted tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will an Impacted Tooth Erupt By Itself?

In almost all cases, impacted teeth will not erupt by themselves without orthodontic treatment.

Can an Impacted Tooth Become Infected?

Yes, this is a big reason why receiving orthodontic care for impacted teeth matters. When food and bacteria are lodged around the impacted tooth, it causes decay and potentially infection.

Can I Receive Orthodontic Treatment For an Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, we will refer you to another doctor to remove the tooth instead. If you don’t have enough room for a 3rd molar, it is best to remove it. Don’t worry though, almost all humans in our modern age do not have room for wisdom teeth. Nearly 90% of people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth. If we do see on your films and records that your wisdom teeth will become a problem in the future, we will let you know and walk you through the next steps.

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