Signs It’s Time My Child Needs Braces or Clear Aligners

We recommend that children are screened for potential orthodontic problems at age 7, but we understand some kids aren’t screened until a further date. Here are a few signs that it may be time to take your child to an orthodontist.

Crooked Teeth

If you notice that your child has crooked teeth as they grow, braces or Invisalign can help them straighten their teeth. Straightening teeth isn’t always a purely cosmetic option, but it can also improve speech and oral hygiene. Straighter teeth are easier to clean with a toothbrush and easier to floss between, leading to fewer cavities and a healthier smile for decades to come.

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Difficulty Eating

If chewing, swallowing, and biting are a chore due to jaw and teeth placement, orthodontic treatment can increase chewing surfaces, correct the jaw, and eliminate daily pain from eating. Common malocclusions that cause problems when eating are overbites (when the front teeth overlap the bottom jaw significantly), underbites (when the bottom jaw wraps around the upper teeth), and crossbites (when the back molars are misaligned). Orthodontic treatment can solve all of these malocclusions and make eating a comfortable activity.

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Speech Problems

While speech problems can stem from neurological and psychological anomalies, they are also commonly present due to orthodontic problems. If your child has a hard time pronouncing specific sounds, such as “s” or “r,” orthodontic treatment could help them create more room in their mouth to properly pronounce those sounds. At our consultation, we can diagnose if the speech problems are due to their bite.

Impacted Teeth

If you notice that your child’s adult teeth aren’t coming in or they’re “floating” above the gum line and not moving into place, they’ll likely need orthodontic treatment to correct this. Impacted teeth are difficult to clean, can impact speech, and can cause other issues if not addressed early on. Give us a call and we will set up a free consultation appointment to assess the tooth.

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Schedule a Free Consultation Today

If your child is about 7 years old, it’s the perfect time to be screened at Hillam Orthodontics. Based on x-rays of your child’s mouth, head, and hand, we can make predictions on how the mouth will develop and if any orthodontic treatment such as braces, clear aligners, or other treatment will be needed. Even if your child is older than 7 years old or if you’re looking for orthodontic treatment as an adult, it’s never too late to see what orthodontic treatment can do for you. Schedule a free consultation with Hillam Orthodontics today!

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