Welcome To Braces 101

At Hillam Orthodontics, we strive to have the most educated patients.  We created Ortho University to help answer some common questions about what we do at Hillam Orthodontics.  Here you can find informative videos on the following subjects:

General Hygiene And Braces Information

Bonding Procedure

Brushing With A Proxabrush

All About Braces

Broken Brackets

Foods To Avoid

Orthodontic Wax

Poking Wire

Brushing Technique

Floss Fish


Disorder Of The Temporomandibular Joint



Bonded Expansion Appliance

Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion


Space Maintenance

Upper Holding Arch

Lower Lingual Holding Arch



Bonded Lower Retainer

Hawley Retainer

Bonded Upper Retainer

Crossbite Retainer

Bite Plate Retainer

Orthodontic Extraction

Serial Extraction Therapy

Maxillary 1st Premolar Extraction with no Crowding

Maxillary 1st Premolar Extraciton with Crowding

Upper 1st and Lower 2nd Premolar Extraction

Upper 2nd and Lower 1st Premolar Extraction

2nd Premolar Extraction 

Lower Incisor Extraction

Asymmetric Extraction


Rubber Bands

Class II Elastics

MIdline Elastic

Class III Elastics

Open Bite Elastics

Cross Bite Elastic


Mandibulary Advancement

Maxillary Impaction for Gummy Smile

Open Bite Surgery

Two Jaw Surgery

Chin Surgery (Geioplasty)

Mandibular Setback


General Questions

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